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Blubuntu, Blue theme for Ubuntu

Blubuntu is for the people who "hate" the default "brown" theme that comes by default with Ubuntu.

First Check these:
GTK2 Theme: BlubuntuGtkTheme
Window Borders: BlubuntuMetacity
Wallpaper: BlubuntuWallpaper
GDM Theme: BlubuntuGdmTheme
Icon Set: BlubuntuIcons
Login Splash: BlubuntuLoginSplash
Usplash Theme: BlubuntuUsplash

$ sudo aptitude install blubuntu-look (to install everything)
$ sudo aptitude install blubuntu-theme (for item)
$ sudo aptitude install blubuntu-gdm-theme (for GDM)
$ sudo aptitude install blubuntu-wallpapers (to screen)
$ sudo aptitude install blubuntu-session-splashes (for splashes)


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