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MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter

Zak allows you to select one or more MP3 files and convert them into a single MP3 or MP4/M4A/M4B file. The primary use for Zak is audio books. Most audio books are distributed in several files, usually one per chapter. Converting these files into a single .m4b allows one to take advantage of the iPod's bookmarking features.

Zak is written in python using the pygtk module. Zak is designed for GNU/Linux, but it is likely possible to get it to work on other systems without too much trouble.

Requires: python, pygtk, gtk+, madplay, and ffmpeg.

Note: This program was inspired by the Windows program "MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter" available from

OpenSuse 11.1 user can use "1-click" installer -- here

For any other GNU/Linux distro download zak-0.3.tar.gz.
To install, perform the following steps...
Make sure your system has all these requirements installed:madplay, ffmpeg, python, pygtk2, vte, gstreamer, gstreamer-python
1. Locate your download and unpack it: tar xzf zak-0.3.tar.gz
2. cd into the unarchived directory: cd zak-0.3/
3. Use sudo (or root) to run the install: sudo python install 

You should now be able to run zak from the command line


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