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How To Convert CHM Files To PDF In Linux

Microsoft Compiled HTML Help is a proprietary format for online help files, developed by Microsoft. It was first introduced with the release of Windows 98, and is still supported and distributed through Windows XP and Vista platforms. Most often the format is used to create help files for software products. Besides, CHM format is increasingly being used for creation of electronic books (e-books).

NOTE: Some CHM files may be opened using a Web browser, while others can only be opened with a CHM editor or CHM viewing program.

Linux don`t have built-in support for handling CHM files, but it's very simple to convert a CHM file to a PDF file in Linux.

Installing chm2pdf :
debian/ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libchm-bin
fedora/redhat: sudo yum -y install chmlib
OpenSuse: use "1-click" installer to install chm2pdf - here

In order to convert a CHM file to it’s PDF equivalent, all you need to do is issue this simple command:

chm2pdf (--book / --webpage) [options] input_filename [output_filename]

Either '--book' or '--webpage' MUST be given! Only one of the two options can be present, not both!
chm2pdf supports most command line htmldoc options. For a full summary usage, type chm2pdf --help at the command line.

After the execution of above command you will see a pdf file in the same directory which is the PDF equivalent of the CHM file you just converted.


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