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How To add support for latest version of FireFox in Selenium RC

Following are the steps to patch selenium-server.jar to make it work with any latest version of Firefox (example - FireFox 3.6)

Copy selenium-server.jar file to a directory where you can modify it's contents
cp selenium-server.jar /modified/
cd /modified
Unzip the selenium-server.jar files
unzip selenium-server.jar
We need to patch five instances of a file called ‘install.rdf’. These files can be found at the following locations in the extracted ‘selenium-server.jar’ archive:


In each of these files you will see
Change them to
After patching all the above file, zip the folder and rename it to .jar
zip -r selenium-server *
mv selenium-server.jar
Now include this modified jar into your project and your selenium server should now able to run your application on FireFox 3.6.


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