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Next Generation of the Fastest P2P Program - FrostWire (OpenSuSe)

FrostWire is a peer-to-peer file sharing program for the Gnutella and BitTorrent protocols. FrostWire is written in Java, and is a fork of LimeWire, another popular Gnutella client. Released under the GNU General Public License, FrostWire is free software.


    * As with LimeWire, FrostWire is written in Java, and is therefore capable of supporting multiple platforms.
    * While LimeWire is available in both free and paid versions, FrostWire is released only as a free version, the Windows version of which comes bundled with the toolbar. FrostWire includes much of the functionality of LimeWire's free version, as well as a few of LimeWire Pro's payment based upgrades.
    * FrostWire provides a chatroom, which is absent in LimeWire. However, LimeWire includes an instant messenger using the Jabber protocol and allows the user to share with individual friends in the messenger which is a feature not found in FrostWire. Starting from version, the chat feature of displays advertising to help pay for the required servers.[1]
    * FrostWire's interface was originally nearly identical to that of LimeWire. However, LimeWire 5.0 has a re-designed interface which has not been implemented by FrostWire. FrostWire's skin may be changed to a variety of different colors which is no longer an option in LimeWire 5.0.

1) Download FrostWire (tar) - here
2) After sucessfull download, untar the package: tar -zxvf frostwire-4.18.0.noarch.tar.gz
3) Go inside the directory and run command: ./ to start the installation process

4) Configure your share folder location

Finally, after few more screens you should able to complete the installation to lunch the application


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