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Monitor System Logs With Logwatch - OpenSuSe

Logwatch is a customizable log analysis system. Logwatch parses through your system's logs for a given period of time and creates a report analyzing areas that you specify, in as much detail as you require. Logwatch is easy to use and will work right out of the package on most systems.

Installation: use "1-click" installer to install logwatch
OpenSuse 11.1 - here
OpenSuSe 11.0 - here

The default configuration can be found in /usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/logwatch.conf.  Take a look around the file, but the main thing you might want to update:

    MailTo = root 
   updates to MailTo =

Now go to console and run command: # logwatch to see the detail output, you can also configure the crontab entry for logwatch to get the daily status mail.


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