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Read - Write support for NTFS partition on OpenSuse 11.x

The ntfs-3g driver is an open source, GPL licensed, third generation Linux NTFS driver which was implemented by the Linux-NTFS project. It provides full read-write access to NTFS, excluding access to encrypted files, writing compressed files, changing file ownership, access right.

Technically it's based on and a major improvement to the third generation Linux NTFS driver, ntfsmount. The improvements includes functionality, quality and performance enhancements.

First, of course install the drivers for reading - writing NTFS, if you have NTFS partitions, you can install it from the openSUSE installation CD/DVD or from the repository OSS using YAST, search for "ntfs" and install all the necessary package (below)

Now, just start from the root tool, ntfs-config and enable them to write support for NTFS partitions on your computer, this tool will detect the ntfs partition on your drive.

Or open as root with your favourite editor /etc/fstab, find the line of the partition that you want to enable write, in my case is this:

/dev/sda1 /mnt/c ntfs defaults 0 0

Now, replace the ntfs and default part of the above line with following:

ntfs-3g defaults, users

In my case, then you'll get:
/dev/sda1 /mnt/c ntfs-3g defaults,users

Restart you machine and check if you are able to read/write to NTFS partition.


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