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Hex Editor

Bless is a high quality, full featured hex editor.

It is written in mono/Gtk# and its primary platform is GNU/Linux. However it should be able to run without problems on every platform that mono and Gtk# run

Main Features
Bless currently provides the following features:

    * Efficient editing of large data files and block devices.
    * Multilevel undo - redo operations.
    * Customizable data views.
    * Fast data rendering on screen.
    * Multiple tabs.
    * Fast find and replace operations.
    * A data conversion table.
    * Advanced copy/paste capabilities.
    * Highlighting of selection pattern matches in the file.
    * Plugin based architecture.
    * Export of data to text and html (others with plugins).
    * Bitwise operations on data.
    * A comprehensive user manual.

To build and run the latest version of Bless you need:

    * Mono >= 1.1.14 and Gtk#2 >= 2.8:

Step 1: Untar the source package
For a tar.gz package use: tar -xzvf bless-a.b.c.tar.gz

Step 2: Configure the build
Enter the directory created in the previous step (bless-a.b.c) and type ./configure'. The script will check if your system has all the required libraries. Use the --prefix=PREFIX option to set the installation directory prefix. By default the prefix is '/usr/local'.

You can also use the --enable-debug option to build bless with debug information.

Step 3: Build the program
Type 'make'. This will create bless exe and the necessary libraries in the bin/ directory and the bless launcher script in the bless-a.b.c directory. You can also type 'make check' to run some tests on various bless components.

Step 4: Install the program (optional)
Become root and type 'make install'.


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