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List of best Linux blogs - V2

LinuxHelp Good site with great stuff, frequently updated.
HowToGeek Great How to site, not only for Linux but its Linux section is great!.
LinuxScrew good site which is coming real popular these days, with great articles.
Fsckin Frequently updated Linux site, great tutorials, and good posts about games for Linux.
Ubuntu Geek All about Ubuntu, from a real Geek
BashCuresCancer Site devoted to command Line, unfortunately not too frequently updated For Linux games, how tos, forums, etc. about Video
Ars Technica Open Ended section:
Phoronix: (lots of good Linux stories) Ubuntux mark shuttleworth's blog ubuntu living planet gnome [same as planet kde] planet kde [links to TONS of other blogs] happy penguin linux gaming linux watch linux tracker lwn os dir mandriva blog kernel trap [linux kernel news] linux security news *buntu blog [3 major buntus] boycottnovell linux on desktop a linux blog -- Using Linux on old computers -- if you hate Linux

Let me know if I am missing any Linux blog, which is worth mentioning  here in this list.
Below are the Linux blog entries submitted by Readers ...


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