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How to Install / Configure / Use μTorrent Server on Linux system

µTorrent Server is designed for use on computers running Linux and other UNIX-like operating systems. It provides a state-of-the-art implementation of the BitTorrent protocol and a full-featured web-based user interface in a small footprint.

μTorrent server is a daemonizable 32-bit binary of the µTorrent core, built for x86 compatible Linux. It can be managed programmatically via an HTTP API or interactively by using the (included) customized version of the popular uTorrent Web user interface.

µTorrent Server is a full implementation of the official BitTorrent protocol.
Features include:
 * Web-based remote control daemon
 * Multiple simultaneous downloads
 * Configurable bandwidth scheduler
 * Global and per-torrent speed limiting
 * Quick-resumes interrupted transfers
 * Trackerless support (Mainline DHT)

Additionally, µTorrent Server includes a full-featured web-based user interface.

Installation and Configuration of µTorrent Server:
 * Download µTorrent Server for Linux from here.
 * Extract the downloaded package using command:
tar zxvf utorrent-server-3.0-21701.tar.gz
cd bittorrent-server-v3_0/
 * Create µTorrent server configuration file bittorrent-server-v3_0/utserver.conf and put the following settings into this configuration file:
dir_temp_files: temp
preferred_interface: eth0
Starting uTorrent server:
Open up the terminal and type following command to start the µTorrent server:
cd bittorrent-server-v3_0/
This will start the  µTorrent server on port 8080 (default), users can access the µTorrent web client from any browser using URL: http://<µTorrent ip address>:8080/gui


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