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Convert Flv to Mp3 in Linux - FlvToMp3

FlvToMp3 is a Flash FLV MP3 Converter is a free tool to convert FLV to MP3 audio files.

It allows you to extract audio file from flash FLV and convert FLV files to MP3 format. It features a built-in MP3 splitter to extract/convert only part of FLV file to MP3 audio file. 
The user interface is pretty simple and easy to use as well.

Download FlvToMp3 - here
Untar the package using command: tar -zxvf FlvToMp3_1.2.1_kubuntu.tar.gz
Go inside this directory using command: cd FlvToMp3
Type following command to start the application: ./FlvToMp3


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