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Grsync - A Graphical User Interface for Rsync

Grsync is a rsync GUI (Graphical User Interface). Rsync is the well-known and powerful command line directory and file synchronization tool. Grsync makes use of the GTK libraries and is released under the GPL license.

Grsync doesn't need the gnome libraries to run, but can of course run under gnome pretty fine. It can be effectively used to synchronize local directories and it supports remote targets as well (even though it doesn't support browsing the remote folder).

Sample uses of grsync include: 
    Synchronize a music collection with removable devices
    Backup personal files to a networked drive
    Replication of a partition to another one
    Mirroring of files, etc.

OpenSuSe user can install Grsync using "1-click" installer - here
To install on CentOS or Fedora: yum install grsync

Open GRsync and create a new session. Choose the source folder location in the first box and the target folder in the second box. Then you can configure the options below.

Move on to the advanced options tab. The most important part here is the “additional options” section. Here you can specify anything else you want to pass to rsync.


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