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UNP : Universal File Unpacking Utility for Ubuntu / Debian / OpenSuSe / Fedora

Unp is a small perl script which makes extraction of any archive files in easy way. It support several compressors and archiver programs, chooses the right one(s) automatically and extracts one or more files using a single command. It supports rar, zip, tar.gz, deb, tar.gz2, rpm etc..

Ubuntu / Debian: $ sudo apt-get install unp
OpenSuSe user can use "1-click" installer to install Unp - here
Fedora: # yum  install  unp

Method 1 (unpack all archives in a directory)
$ unp *.*
Method 2 (unpack, for example, all .rar archives in a directory):
$ unp *.rar
Method 3 (unpack 1 archive):
$unp archivefile
Method 4 (unpack several archives at the same time):
$unp archivefile1 archivefile 2
More examples
unp *.tar.gz, unp *, unp *.rpm, unp *.deb, unp *.zip, unp *.rar
Check out the manual pages for unp for more details:
$man unp ( for more help)


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